Check-Inn Advertising TM


Check-Inn Advertising LLC (“Check-Inn”) is a specialty advertising company which meets the needs of high value affinity groups and helps to promote the value proposition of clients.  Check-Inn Advertising offers two major lines of products: Concierge Advertising and Inside Advertising.

Inside Advertising:

Our Inside Advertising line offers powerful options to present both Brand Advertising and Call To Action Advertising to potential customers. More importantly, placement of our Inside Advertising ensures multiple impressions for our advertisers.  In addition, our product line includes offerings to reach most relevant target audiences.  Our offering includes:

Hotel Wall Ads:

Hotel Wall Ads are tasteful advertisements for relevant services in high traffic areas of hotels, business, restaurants and bars. This product effectively targets high value business travelers and travelers.

Model Shots Wall Ads:

Model Shots is a new and exciting advertising modality that leverages the eye catching appeal of models with high visibility advertising.  Model Shots are used to leverage high traffic and visibility locations to maximize customer views of advertising.

Jukebox Model Shots Ads:

Jukebox Model Shots Ads leverages the proven effectiveness of Model Shots to grab the attention of prospective customers.  Enhancing this model are back lighting and a large poster size ad.

Touch Screen Game Console Model Shot Ads:

Touch Screen Game Consoles are the rage and receive high utilization in bars and restaurants.  This venue offers the benefits of the vibrant display of a console screen with the activity of ad changes.  As a further option, pop-up advertisement are available.  Pop-up advertisements ensure ad visibility.

Concierge Advertising:

Business Traveler Folio:

This Direct Marketing Offering provides relevant value to the business traveler and the traveler at large. The Folio is a value add offering that is handed to hotel clients as they check into the hotel. High customer awareness and visibility are ensured by both the explanation of the Folio value to the customer and by the fact that their room number is written on the upper right corner of the Folio. The value of the Folio is simple and direct. The Folio answers the pressing questions concerning dining, bars, nightlife, shopping and entertainment (sporting events, theater, arts, movies, etc.) are available in my relevant to the hotel and therefore to the business traveler or traveler at large. In short, the Folio answers the questions of:

  • What is exciting to do tonight? (Memorable Dinning, Sporting Events, Theatre, Nightlife)
  • What are the truly great places to eat near me?
  • What are the things I have to see while in town?
  • What nightlife hot spots or live entertainment are near me?
  • >
  • What are my general entertainment options are near my hotel? (Water Parks, Movies, etc.)
  • What places deliver to my hotel? (Maybe: What places deliver really late to my hotel?)
  • Where is an auto repair or auto parts store near my hotel
  • Where can I buy flowers?

The value to our advertisers is also simple and direct. Check-Inn Advertising’s Folio gives our advertisers direct access to high value new customers. These customers are not the normal local crowd. Rather, they are customers who have money to spend and want / need to find a memorable place to eat, shop or entertain themselves and potentially their families. This group is willing to spend more than the local customer and is looking to make their time in “this destination city” and event! Most important to any business, advertising in our Folio bring a positive net return to their bottom line.

Dining & Entertainment Guide:

The Check-Inn Advertising Dinning & Entertainment Guide is exactly what its name entails. The Dining Guide provides sight into the dinning opportunities to hotel travelers and residents in the target area. By targeting discrete areas of a city, we are able to provide relevant and meaningful information to our local and traveling customers.

Last but not least, Check-Inn Advertising can provide your company with Truly Cost Effective Regional or National print or radio advertising. Give us a call to learn more.